As arts & music lovers and nerds with many years of experience in the industry, we know what’s important for an effective neighbouring rights collection

It's accuracy, transparency and some bravery every now and then.

Neighbouring rights have become an increasingly important source of income for master right owners, performing artists, creative producers and actors. The p.r.o. agency, the short form of performing rights organizations agency, was initially founded in 2012 by German distributor Cargo Records in the wake of this development.

After years of networking, extensive research and constant accumulation of expertise, p.r.o. agency has become a well-established premier boutique solution for the international management of neighbouring rights.

We believe in independent structures and the feasibility of fair remuneration for every single rightsholder and we are pleased to represent rightsholders from more than 30 countries at more than 60 collecting societies.

In 2019 we additionally joined forces with the like-minded Swiss neighbouring rights agency myMusicRights to further expand our portfolio and expertise.